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  • Osborn knot wire cup brushes are rugged, efficient tools for fast, heavy-duty cleaning of large metal surfaces. They are specially designed for use on portable tools and are filled with Osborn steel wire. Knot wire brushes are recommended for extremely rigorous jobs. Applications: Removal of Weld Scale, Rust, Old Paint and Corrosion, Cleaning and Surface Prep of Metals
  • With 1/4" shank. Ideal for a variety of general uses, including surface blending, cleaning and polishing; can be used on CNC equipment. They are available with three types of wire - steel, stainless steel, and brass. Engineered to operate at high speeds. Applications: Rubber and Plastic Mold Cleaning, Cleanign Pipe I.D., Removing Rust, Weld Scale and Spatter, Cleaning Castings, Burr Removal, Rubber Flash Removal, Carbon Removal, Spot Facing, Cleaning and Finishing Recessed Areas
  • Hand Tool Brushes
  • Brushes for tube and internal cleaning, ideal for finishing drill holes, threads or cross holes.
  • The most widely used design, the wheel brush can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, with the tips of the wire doing the actual work as they contact the workpiece. Osborn wheel brushes are available in both crimped and straight steel, stainless steel and brass wires, plus a variety of natural and synthetic fibers, ATB abrasive nylon, and brushes which feature metal wires encapsulated in TY elastomers.