Full year 2019 adjusted income from operations was $1.4 billion, or $6.71 per diluted share available to common stockholders, compared to $1.9 billion, or $8.48 per diluted share, available to common stockholders, for the full year of 2018. The total loss ratio was 74% in the current quarter compared to 76% in the prior-year quarter. Value at last close. As a leading provider of workplace benefits like short- and long-term disability and leave management, Lincoln Financial is featuring content mostly from that angle that includes legislative summaries, best practices, mental health resources, and other tips. Management evaluates return on equity by both including and excluding average goodwill within average equity. Our most recent Form 10-K, as well as other reports that we file with the SEC, include additional factors that could affect our businesses and financial performance. We know that our greatest asset is our people, so we’ve built a first-rate HR function at Lincoln Financial to help us attract and retain the very best. The conference call will be broadcast live through the company website at www.lfg.com/webcast. Lincoln Investment has a solution – Asset Management services within our Retirement and Investor Solutions Premier platforms – to help you achieve that delicate balance between risk and reward. InvestorRelations@LFG.com, Scott Sloat About Lincoln Financial Group. The numerator used in the calculation of our diluted EPS is adjusted to remove the mark-to-market adjustment for deferred units of LNC stock in our deferred compensation plans if the effect of equity classification would be more dilutive to our diluted EPS. To participate via phone: (866) 394-4575 (U.S./Canada) or (678) 509-7536 (International). Asset managers enjoyed exceptional results in 2017. All rights reserved. We provide book value per share excluding AOCI to enable investors to analyze the amount of our net worth that is primarily attributable to our business operations. Annuities and Retirement Plan Services – deposits from new and existing customers; Universal life (UL), indexed universal life (IUL), variable universal life (VUL) – first-year commissionable premiums plus 5% of excess premiums received; Executive Benefits – single premium bank-owned UL and VUL, 15% of single premium deposits, and corporate-owned UL and VUL, first-year commissionable premiums plus 5% of excess premium received; Term – 100% of annualized first-year premiums; and. Key metrics for the Third Quarter 2016 include. With headquarters in the Philadelphia region, the companies of Lincoln Financial Group had assets under management of $162 billion as of March 31, 2011. As of the third quarter 2014, Lincoln Financial reported to have $215 billion in assets under management, wit… [2] For the historical periods, reconciliations of non-GAAP measures used in this press release to the most directly comparable GAAP measure may be included in this Appendix to the press release and/or are included in the Statistical Reports for the corresponding periods contained in the Earnings section of the Investor Relations page on our website: www.lfg.com/investor. This compares to a net unrealized gain of $1.6 billion at December 31, 2018, with the year-over-year increase primarily driven by lower treasury rates and tighter credit spreads. Explanatory Notes on Use of Non-GAAP Measures. Lincoln Financial Group is a committed corporate citizen included on major sustainability indices including the Dow Jones Sustainability Index North America and FTSE4Good. The quarter’s average diluted share count of 200.0 million was down 7% from the fourth quarter of 2018, the result of repurchasing 10.4 million shares of stock at a cost of $640 million since December 31, 2018. For businesses, they offer Retirement Plans, Group Insurance, and Executive Benefits. The company had $275 billion in assets under management as of December 31, 2019. Realized gains and losses associated with the following (“excluded realized gain (loss)”): Sales or disposals and impairments of securities; Changes in the fair value of derivatives, embedded derivatives within certain reinsurance arrangements and trading securities (“gain (loss) on the mark-to-market on certain instruments”); Changes in the fair value of the derivatives we own to hedge our guaranteed death benefit (“GDB”) riders within our variable annuities; Changes in the fair value of the embedded derivatives of our guaranteed living benefit (“GLB”) riders reflected within variable annuity net derivative results accounted for at fair value; Changes in the fair value of the derivatives we own to hedge our GLB riders reflected within variable annuity net derivative results; Changes in the fair value of the embedded derivative liabilities related to index options we may purchase or sell in the future to hedge contract holder index allocations applicable to future reset periods for our indexed annuity products accounted for at fair value (“indexed annuity forward-starting options”); and. Adjusted income (loss) from operations, adjusted operating revenues and adjusted operating return on equity (“ROE”), as used in the press release, are non-GAAP financial measures and do not replace GAAP net income (loss), revenues and ROE, the most directly comparable GAAP measures.